Mike & Nicki {Coastal Maryland Wedding Photography}

It was finally Nicki's turn.

The foundation and key to the success of any small business is exceeding your clients' expectations.  When this happens, those clients will recommend your business to their friends completely unsolicited.  When you have this situation paired with amazing clients with a large network of equally amazing friends - people, that's the 'holy grail' of marketing.  This is what I've been blessed with in the Baltimore area.  A newly engaged bride-to-be found me through a random internet search back in 2010 (Thank you Hayley!), and saw something in me that compelled her to hire me and bring me up to MD from NC to shoot her engagement session (in 1 foot of snow on Gibson Island, MD in February) and her wedding later that fall in the same location.  Little did I know that it was about to start something big.

The now infamous (for me anyway) "engagement shoot in the snow" spawned an entire new market and took my photography to a place I would not have believed you if you'd have told me then.  When those photos were completed and posted on social media, the emails starting coming in.  Little did I know where most of these referrals were originating from. 

Meanwhile, on a beach in Florida, (unbeknownst to me) two friends were on Spring Break from Maryland - Nicki and Becca.  While checking out Facebook, they saw the "engagement shoot in the snow" since that client was a mutual friend.  The photos made an impression on them, and they both agreed that when they get married "this guy was shooting our weddings."  Keep in mind neither of them were even engaged at this point.  So time went on, and I was continually getting more weddings in the Baltimore area.  I found out later that Nicki, even though not engaged yet, herself, was constantly showing her newly engaged friends the "engagement shoot in the snow", and referring people to me.  It wasn't until a few years later that I finally got the call from Nicki herself, and she explained this story to me.  Through all the weddings that I had traveled to Maryland to shoot over the years, I had no idea she was referring them all.  So you can imagine we were both thrilled to finally be talking about shooting her wedding!  The viral nature of these referrals have continued, and I'm looking forward to many more!

Nicki and Mike's wedding at the Eastern Yacht Club in Essex, MD was beautiful and so much fun.  Since I've met most of the wedding party and guests from other weddings, it was like hanging out with old friends.  This place really has become my home away from home, and I look forward to seeing these beautiful and crazy people every time!

A special mention and "Thank You" to my amazing second shooter, Mandy who has been with me from the beginning!

Venue / Caterning:  Eastern Essex Yacht Club

Flowers:  My Flower Box

Cake:  Custom Cakes by Cathleen

Dress:  from Bridals by Elena

DJ:  Jacob Jensen - EventProDJ

Videography:  Nate Brubaker - Rockshore Media

Photobooth:  Charm City Photobooth

Photography:  richard barlow photography

Second Shooter: Mandy Pittman - Amanda Kaye Photography

All RBP Brides!  #BestClientsEver...