head shots & office Photography

As was stated in the AEC section, I have over 17 years of experience in Architecture and photography.  This skill set suits this type of photography well, and has also really helped to inform and influence the rest of my photography such as weddings and portraiture to be more of a fine art approach. 

My head shots are not "school pictures" with fake backdrops or white seamless. My approach to head shots is to take into account what profession I'm photographing and put them in that element.  There is no strong posing, just relaxed and professional.  

Most of the time, head shots are accompanied by photos of staff groups collaborating and the office spaces themselves for marketing purposes.  My goal with my commercial clients is to give you a set of stock photography of your own company for your use as you see fit.  Sometime those uses are not yet known, but you'll have a bank of images to pull from when the time comes.

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